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This week we shall have visitors, some image tomfoolery awaits!

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You know those days when everything seems to have gone well, and you sit back thinking, ‘the boy done good’, well heres one of those bring you down to earth moments. Looking through the images taken a day or so ago, I found this little gem. Fortunately I’d taken several very similar shots so I don’t have to unpack the trainset again.

I took the opportunity to see how the Hornby Gresley Suburbans looked on the layout too, apart from being a bit too clean, they capture the look and atmosphere of the Suffolk branch line well. When the Thompsons arrive I’ll weather them all together in a batch, to get a uniform finish in terms of overall color and texture. Then I work on the details. More to follow soon.

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It’s come to my attention that there are unauthorised images being used from this blog to advertise an exhibition this year. I will not comment extensively on this at the moment, however I can assure readers that there are no showings of the layout booked for this year Jan -Dec 2012.

This is annoying for several reasons,

A/ It’s copyright theft for starters, and in ‘About’ there is a bit of a clue on my feeling towards this, so the perps must be spectacularly daft, and with a healthy PR image budget. If they haven’t got one, they’re going to need one.

B/ It shows an image of a layout, Bawdsey, that isn’t even going to be there, and no discussions have ever taken place between me about exhibiting at this show. This, gives potential visitors a misleading impression of the quality of the show, and if someone went on the basis of the ad, they’re being misled, or to put it another way, lied to. It speaks volumes for the organisers lack of respect for their customers.

C/ It isn’t even a show on my ‘radar’, except for very rare occaisions we dont do those types of events.
I will update this posting in due course.(edited: see 16th Jan copyright posting)

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